New Patients

Only existing patients can schedule appointments online. Please complete the pre-registration questionnaire by clicking the button below before requesting an appointment with our practice.

Existing Patients

You can not schedule any cosmetic appointments, full-body checks, or surgeries online. Appointments regarding biopsy results can only be scheduled more than 12 days AFTER the biopsy was taken.

To schedule your next appointment, click on the button below. Then select your preferred location and preferred provider. Once on the provider's page, you will see the question "Have you visited this provider before?" Select the circle next to Yes. The available appointment times will appear in orange text under the date. Select your preferred available slot and await a confirmation email from our practice.

If you do not see any available slots, try another provider or send a request. We will call you to find a solution that fits your needs.

Medical Appointment Costs

Learn more about medical appointment costs and how they are influenced by different factors.

Didn't Find What You Need?

The Skin Solutions Dermatology team is dedicated to ensuring our patients are getting the support they need in life, whether that is a medical need, assistance with food, housing, transit, addiction, or mental health.  Click the Community Resources link and enter your zip code to find what you may need.

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