Is Dairy the Real Cause of Your Acne?

Does Dairy Intake Really Cause Acne?

As a dermatologist in Nashville, one of my most frequently asked questions is this: does dairy cause acne? Unfortunately, I can’t give a direct yes or no answer to that question. Recent studies have shown that acne had a greater link to a person’s glycemic load rather than their dairy intake. However, a recently published study found something different.

Published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, LaRosa and coworkers conducted a case-control study investigating the diets of 120 teenagers aged 14-19, with moderate acne compared to 105 acne-free controls. Curious to know what they found?

The key takeaway was that low fat/skim milk dairy consumption correlated with having acne, and whole milk consumption did not. Moreover, they found no link between acne and the mean dietary glycemic index. Also, intake of saturated or trans-fat, total carbohydrates, protein and fat did not play a role in acne. I’m sure more studies will be conducted so clarity can be established regarding the dairy link and acne.

In the meantime, regardless of the potential root of your acne, you may still want to address what’s lurking beneath the surface: clogged pores. Here are some products you may want to try from our Nashville practice :

Want to get rid of red bumps that promise an angry spot soon? Combine the two washes above and add in the Glytone Rejuvenating Masque. I always advise my patients to use the masque once a week to the entire face but to apply to individual red bumps overnight. This will dry up these acne bumps making them disappear quicker.

My own son in Nashville deals with acne, and I asked him to use a mixture of the products above in order to achieve and maintain great skin. But the key to clear skin is constant management, and it’s not easy. After he stopped using them for 10-14 days, his skin was all clogged up once again and the acne returned. He took one look at me and said ‘I get it’, acknowledging that he has to maintain his acne with the regimen I outlined for him. The key to flawless skin for most everyone over the age of 14 is good skin care.

While the question of whether dairy intake can truly be linked to acne is still up in the air, make sure you consult a dermatologist to establish a good skin regimen to help you maintain your acne. Visit us at Skin Solutions Dermatology in Nashville, Franklin, Columbia, Smyrna, Hendersonville or Pulaski to chat with our amazing team of dermatology specialists! Take advantage of our online booking system and book an appointment today.

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