The Face Mask That Works Magic on Acne

When it comes to acne, we’ve got endless types of treatments available in Nashville - but for most who struggle with acne beyond adolescence, they are tired of applying medications to their face or taking pills to help control their acne. I recently came across new, cutting-edge research that I think would excite many of my Nashville patients with adult acne.

A team at the University of Naples in Italy tried approaching acne treatment in an innovative, topical way: a mask. With a ready-to-use, peel-off facial mask containing myoinositol (known for it’s anti-inflammatory qualities), Gabriella Fabbrocini, M.D. and her team applied the mask overnight every other day for 60 days to patients with adult female acne. Their results found that all mean counts of lesions reduced significantly, and improved the cosmetic appearance in patients. Now this is something that my Nashville patients would love!

I’m incredibly excited to learn about this research that may come to fruition - as a Nashville dermatologist, my treatment options have always been fairly limited and medicated masks have never been the primary focus for treatment plans. For conditions like hormonal acne which usually can only be treated with oral prescription medication, being able to recommend a mask instead would make a huge difference since at a certain age, many people become fed up having to take oral medications for their acne. If there’s an opportunity to recommend a topical treatment instead of something internal, I know it would be greatly appreciated by my Nashville patients.

Until we know whether this treatment will officially hit the market, I do have some great recommendations for other topical products that have worked very well with our Nashville patients battling adult female acne, which you can purchase in-store or online:

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Source: Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

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