Why Sensitivity is Important in Treating Acne

Acne is a condition that people don’t only struggle with physically, but it can take a heavy mental and emotional toll on you, too. When you couple that with a cynical doctor that isn’t helping you correct it, the results can only be described as disappointing.

It’s a common story, too. That’s why researchers at the University of Hull in the United Kingdom looked into it to examine acne research priorities from various perspectives. The results may be unsurprising to acne patients: they found that ineffective consultations were frequently reported in patient responses. The two clear themes to come through were:

  • Neglection of the emotional side of suffering with acne

    • Ignoring psychological and emotional impact of acne

    • Insensitive interactions

  • Hopelessness at finding a treatment that works

    • Lack of information on effective use of treatments

    • Absence of clear care pathways

    • Ignoring certain treatments e.g. laser, diet and alternative treatments

"There is a need to develop a clear, systematic guideline for acne treatment that is understood by both people with acne and practitioners, as are already in use with other conditions, such as asthma," the authors write.

That’s why our practice takes a different approach - we know that acne care is more than handing a prescription to our patients. We really try to understand a patient’s skin and what they need. We also try our best to get them on an overall good skin regimen that complements it. In fact, that’s why we started stocking products in our practice and on our online store. That way, our patients would be able to get access to the products they need right away, and it helps us understand how the products work with prescription medications so we can recommend what we know is best for our patients. And since we use these products so much, we know what direction to move to in case the patient isn’t improving.

It’s important for us dermatologists to be aware of our patient’s emotional state and know how ineffective treatments can impact them. Listening to their concerns opens up communication which is needed when treating acne effectively.

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