What Will My Medical Appointment Cost?

In the realm of healthcare, appointment costs are not usually determined before the appointment time.  This is because the cost is dependent on a number of factors outside of the medical office's control.  Some factors that influence your appointment cost are:

1. Do you have health insurance?  If so, what kind of insurance policy do you have?  The type of plan, either a high deductible or low deductible plan, will impact your cost.  Contact your insurance provider directly for more information.

2.  For self-pay patients, or those who elect not to present us with their health insurance, we have reasonable self-pay office visit rates. 

If a procedure is recommended, you will be notified of the cost so that you can make an informed decision on whether you would like to proceed.  If you have health insurance, we will not know the cost until it is submitted to your insurance provider, since cost is determined by the contract you have with your health insurance company.  Skin Solutions Dermatology is not a part of that contract. 

For both self-pay patients and patients using health insurance - please see point #5 to understand laboratory or pathology fees. 

3.  If you have health insurance, is your Skin Solutions Dermatology provider in-network or out-of-network?  Generally speaking, your medical appointment costs will be lower if you ensure you schedule with a provider that is in-network.  Call your health insurance company if you are unsure if your medical provider is in-network. 

4.  What is the type of treatment required and are multiple appointments needed to monitor and treat the condition?

5.  What kind of medical services and testing might be required?  For example, a mole or lesion that is removed from your skin will be sent to a lab for testing.  Since we are a dermatology practice and do not have lab capacities, we send such items to a laboratory or pathologist.  This outside testing will incur an additional cost to the patient and the fees determined by the lab are outside the control of Skin Solutions Dermatology.   This additional testing is for your health and is done with your best interest in mind. 

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