Replenishing Cleanser


Available In-Office Only


With a superior cream-to-foam surfactant technology and high-concentration actives, Replenishing Cleanser deeply cleans skin, while maintaining essential moisture.   Formulated with a blend of panthenol and ceramide to capture and lock in hydration, Replenishing Cleanser lathers into a rich foam to remove dirt, debris, impurities, and long-wear makeup without stripping natural oils.  Replenishing Cleanser rinses clear of residue, restoring balance, and primes skin for at-home cosmeceutical use.

Skin Type:  Normal to Dry

Purpose:  Cleanse

Suggested Use:  Twice Daily

Active Ingredients:  Amilite Surfactant System, Ceramide Complex (15% glycerin), Panthenol

Size:  150ml

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