Seasonal Skincare

The weather, with its changing seasons, can alter your skin.

Winter means cold temperatures, low humidity, and indoor heating, which leave your skin dry, dull, and even slightly wrinkled. Using Normal to Dry Moisturizing Defense helps your skin stay moisturized and young looking.              

Spring is the time to revitalize your dry winter skin. Increased perspiration and excess oil can cause blemishes and clogged pores, so you may want to switch from a Normal to Dry to our Normal to Oily Moisturizing Defense.

The summer heat and humidity can make your skin noticeably oily and prone to acne outbreaks, especially around your T-zone area. Normal to Oily Moisturizing Defense controls shine and blemishes, while providing superior sun protection. Oily Defense mattifies your T-zone.

Autumn's cool breezes can leave your skin with areas of patchy dryness. A variety of skin types may experience flare up, which includes eczema, seborrhea, and psoriasis. Normal to Dry Moisturizing Defense contains soothing antioxidants to keep your skin calm and hydrated.


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